Neish Consultancy

At Neish Consultancy we are really excited and privileged to be Bondholders of Marketing Derby. We have always had close links to Derby, be it living here all our lives or being involved in businesses linked to the City.  Being Bondholders and Ambassadors for Derby we are able to tell great stories about the city and the inspiring future we have planned”.
At Neish Consultancy we transform engineering and manufacturing experts into inspirational leaders of successful teams. Our coaching for people in engineering and manufacturing is totally tailored to your needs.
Are you struggling to motivate your team? Are your staff underperforming?
You have the potential to make things better. So let us help you.
Work with us and expect amazing results:
- learn the skills you need to become outstanding
- become more confident in your abilities and potential
- development will become part of your organisation culture
- build a network of likeminded professionals for ongoing learning and development


DE65 6PT