Monkey vs Owl

We started Monkey vs Owl with a dream of making the lives of landlords and tenants less painful and more fun. Here at Monkey vs Owl we are a letting agency specialising in Student and Professional Lets in Derby.

We believe the letting process doesn't have to be dull and mundane- everyone can leave happy, both Tenants and Landlords. 

Monkey vs Owl was born to give you a new, pain-free way of finding your perfect property. We also connect you with attractions in your city, helping to improve the quality of your daily life. 

We have our own user guide, advertising and marketing platforms for local businesses. We're into promoting local activities/offers for students and the cities locals who are looking for the things to do.

One of the reason we decided to become a bond holder was that we thought it was a great way for local business to meet and network with one another who wouldn’t normally do so. You’d have people from the construction and property sector networking with someone perhaps from the leisure and entertainment industry. This is the beauty of Marketing Derby in our eyes.

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99a Ashbourne Road
DE22 3FW