Godwin Developments

 Godwin Developments is a UK focused regional property development and investment business. Our strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed use freehold property assets, primarily through investment in sites to develop out, with the option also to sell or hold for income.

The business invests in a balanced portfolio of lower and higher yielding investments. With a mix of short, medium and longer term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows from the investment programme, whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and return.

Godwin Developments is a recognised and highly regarded name in the UK property market and over the years has built a good reputation for professionalism, quality and delivery.

We always like to support cities we live and work in. We develop all over the UK and therefore invest millions into various cities including Derby.

We are based in the East Midlands and can travel 2 hours to any destination in the UK via car, rail or air. It's being in the heart of the UK which makes Derby great.

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Godwin Developments

1 Newhall Street
B3 3BD