Darley Dance

Darley Dance Productions is a professional dance and entertainment company that specialises in providing pro-cheerleaders for sports events and produces an annual production called The Christmas Show.

The Christmas Show is a traditional variety show full of singing, dancing and festive fun for the family. Our aim is to bring top class talent to a local stage giving everyone the opportunity to see a great professional production without having to go far from home. Our shows are performed in local venues right in the heart of communities.

We also use our experience to do all we can to help and support dancers as they work to become professional dancers.

It’s exciting to be part of a city that is buzzing with business and I wanted to start meeting some of the people behind those companies. That’s why I applied to be The Rising Star and I’m thrilled to have been given to opportunity to meet other people in business and learn as much as I can from those people.

The word that I hear constantly is innovation. It's exciting to be part of a city that prides itself of that very concept. I believe that if innovation is happening all around then it opens people's minds up to opportunity and allows them to believe that they can think beyond the perceived limits.

If an entire city has that mindset then the businesses in it will thrive and continue to push boundaries and create new and exciting things. Innovation is happening in every industry and even in a city that is known perhaps more for technology and engineering a creative business like mine can break out of it's own glass ceiling simply by being inspired by what is around it. This will in turn mean that Derby will be a pretty exciting city to be in!

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